31 December 2017

long coat and leather skirt

Stradivarius skirt, Parfois bag, Amisu coat, dune via tkmaxx shoes

It seems that it's the last outfit in 2017. I fell in love with long coats, they look so elegant and stylish, whatever you wear with them, it still looks good. I hope 2017 was good for all of you :) 

11 November 2017

floral dress & denim jacket

levi's jacket, ?? dress, Tkmaxx boots

I used to be a big fan of floral dresses in a high school, this is the one that I forgot about. I've realized that I have it, when I was looking for something in my wardrobe. When I saw it, I thought it would look perfect with my denim jacket, and I wasn't wrong. It looks great, at least to me. I like the combination of denim and floral print. What do you think?

W liceum bardzo lubiłam motyw kwiatów na sukienkach. Kompletnie zapomniałam o tej ze zdjęć, przypomniałam sobie, że ją mam, dopiero wtedy, kiedy szukałam czegoś w szafie. Od razu pomyślałam, że będzie idealna do mojej jeansowej kurtki, i się nie pomyliłam. Jak dla mnie, to połączenie wygląda świetnie.  Co myślicie?

21 October 2017

levi's denim jacket

levi's jacket, bershka jeans 

A few years ago I was looking for a blue denim jacket with fur, I didn't find it at that time, so I bought the black one, that you could have seen here many times (you still can, in archives). Anyway, a few weeks ago I've finally found the perfect one. The colour and anything besides it is great and I wouldn't change a thing in it. If you're looking for a denim jacket, which is warm and suits for the current weather, you should definitely visit levi's stores.

10 September 2017

leather jacket and floral romper

cropp jacket, Lightinthebox romper

My favourite type of jacket(during the fall) is the leather one. I can literally combine it with everything and it always looks good (at least to me). I'm one of those poeple who could have spring or summer all year round and I'd be very happy about that. I also love rompers, which I think is quite obvious, as I make outfits with them very often. Today, I combined floral romper and my favourite jacket, more accessories were not needed as I prefer simplicity.