25 June 2017

white denim skirt

Sinsay blouse, Stradivarius skirt 

High-waisted denim skirt is my favorite type. The white one is exactly the same as the black skirt that I wear quite often in Autumn or Spring. This one is, with no doubt, better for hot days in summer. The best thing about plain skirt is that you can combine it with whatever you want and it always looks good.

17 June 2017

everyday summer look

Sinsay t-shirt&shorts

I don't even know what can I write about the outfit, because it's as simple as it can be. The perfect way to survive  high temperatures is to wear loose clothes that are the most comfortable, at least to me. I'm  grateful for the current weather, even though my allergy symptoms are the worst and I've never felt so bad (because of the allergy), in my entire life.

28 May 2017

simple dress vol.2

Stradivarius blouse, Topshop dress

I've probably mentioned that many times but present weather is one of my favourites. I could have Spring or Summer all year round (literally). I don't know if it's only me but I feel much better when it is warm and  the sun is shining. Anyway, when it comes to outfit, I found very old dress, that has been here before (it was almost 4 years ago!). If you are curious how it looked like then, you can see it  --> here  :)

13 May 2017

striped dress

Pull&Bear dress, Cropp jacket